Travel Essentials for the wander

Traveling has been my passion for the past six years. I have been to different countries and all I can say is that in every place, there is one mesmerizing place you always wanted to go back. Not to mention the food and all.

Anyway, I would like to share with you the travel essentials I always bring with me wherever I go because I know these are all important so you will have a fun and memorable vacation

  1. You do no want you skin to be burned, do you? Protect your skin with a sunscreen or a sun block
  2. Scarves are not just for chilly nights. Invest in a couple of nice scarves for your beach getaway and party nights.
  3. Nice comfortable shoes. You will be happening tons of walking while traveling so better yet invest in a shoes where you are most comfortable at.
  4. Camera-be it a drone, a 360 grad kamera, or a DSLR, you need to have a camera to capture those scenic shots! You can also check out other best 360 camera in the link provided.