Browsing the net for an affordable gift

I was browsing through the website of¬†Dave Jenkins, a known realtor when i suddenly realized it’s my husband’s birthday.¬†Uuuuuuuuuugh.It’s happening again. It’s approaching. My least favorite time of the entire year. Well, it’s not my least favorite time of the entire year, but it sure is stressful for a girl like me, a woman who wants to please her husband, but can’t decide what to do for his birthday gift. Last year, I bought him a watch. I had been browsing for the best watches under 500 and I found one that seems to suit him so well. He told me he was too surprised by that gift, and that it was maybe the best thing that I’ve ever bought for him. We had a great night together that night. Now, I don’t know how to stop it.

I’ve been thinking about it for months, but I’ve also been pushing it away trying not to think about it for a month. Now, it’s the time that I have to buy the gift, and I don’t know what to do. I ended up on a website called Survival Cooking, which has all these really well written and well thought-out reviews and product descriptions for camping supplies. My husband loves to camp. And this has like tents, coolers, tumblers, and all sorts of grills and stove tops and stuff like that that you can use out in the wild or at least in the backyard. I think I need to get him something off of this site, but I’m not sure what. I want to call his friends and ask but I don’t know if I can trust his friends not to tell him that I’ve been asking, and I do want to remain surprising. I don’t want to be boring and predictable. I want to shock him. The watch shop him. What else would shock him? The perfect camping supply. But what is it? Do you know? Maybe a cooler?