Early Risers Tips

They say people who are early risers do more things than those who are not. Starting your day early also means more time to work, and spend the remaining hours for things that interest you—be it your passion projects, hanging out with your family, or giving time for yourself.

But waking up, even when the alarm went off already, have been an arduous routine for some, if not all. Hitting the snooze button over and over again may have been the daily routine of someone who considers himself more of a night owl than an early riser.

But believe or not, most of the successful people today are every inch the morning person.

Personally, I am person who loves morning, especially when I go out for office. Today, I am enjoying my ride in going to the office, especially after I got my new electric scooter from Unu Motors. In The Netherlands, they call it as the elektrische scooter. I wonder maybe people in The Netherlands are known for being early risers because they have an alternative option of dealing with commuting.  Everyday, I always drink my freshly brewed coffee and the grab my breakfast box then off to work.

But do you know my secret to being an early riser? Dr. Tracey Marks, an Atlanta-based psychiatrist and author of Master Your Sleep: Proven Methods Simplified, says that you should trim down your evening obligations and train yourself to sleep early.

Downsizing your dinner is also important before hitting the sack. Avoid munching on chocolate or having coffee or red wine the night before. More importantly, do not sleep right after you eat dinner. Have some bubble bath or sleep on with scented candles if it would make you feel less tense and relaxed.