Are Your Kids Bored?

It is inevitable that out kids get bored easily. After doing something, their attention span easily goes to another, which makes you wonder what else in the world they should be doing.

I made a list of how my little one Atasha gets bored easily and what she always does.

  1. She shouts always, and even talks to herself.
  2. She always looks for me and distract me in what I am doing. Most of the time when I am developing my business website, she will place her fingers in my laptop and taps my keyboards.
  3. She always looks for food and milk.
  4. She jumps around and always has new things in her hands

I am sure a lot of mommies struggle the same way and it is just normal. For mommies who have ran out of ideas to give to your kids when you want them to be attentive on something, you should know and list down your plan Bs.

Check out these videos to see what you and your kids can do when he is bored so you both can avoid tantrums!